Pin Grading

I grade my pins loosely based on any flaws' impact on overall design. Please keep in mind that P4P pins are all priced the same because they are non-profit. Better grade P4P pins are given on a first-order-first-serve basis. They are graded more on a gradient (good to bad) rather than strict grades.

All pins are made by multiple hands and machines. Perfection cannot be expected for all pins, but I still expect a large majority of my pins to be of acceptable quality. Otherwise, I will make an effort to have the batch remedied.

Every flaw is unique, which makes it difficult to categorize pins into grades sometimes. For example, I would consider a wrong color speck on a character's face as a more severe flaw than if it were amongst their clothing details. I will try to list the common flaws of a pin batch when they are listed on my shop.


  • Standard/A/A- Grade

May include small flaws

  • B+/B Grade

May include more noticeable flaws

  • C/Seconds Grade

May include very noticeable flaws or damage


Examples of flaws:

  • wrong color enamel
  • wrong color specks in enamel
  • dust in enamel
  • underfill enamel
  • missing enamel
  • bubbles in enamel
  • missing screenprint
  • misaligned screenprint
  • scratches/scuffs
  • nicked metal line
  • broken pin post(s)
  • broken metal

Please be aware that I do not typically grade the back of pins.