TGCF 3D Metal Transfer Sticker (P4P In-Stocks)


- designed by me (´。• ᵕ •。`)
- NOTICE: does NOT include TGCF Fallen Dust pin or drawer box, please purchase separately
- 3D metal transfer sticker
- approx. 2.75 inches / 7 cm across (displayed in photo on 9 cm square box)
- metallic silver (only the silver part of the preview is the sticker)
- water-resistant (i.e. video:
- video of how to apply:
Logo translation (read in the downward direction, then right to left):
天官赐福 = Heaven Official's Blessing

Text (read from left to right):
The one basking in infinite glory is you;
the one fallen from grace is also you.
What matters is you, and not the state of you.
The cost for this sticker is P4P (pay for production)! This means that I do not make any profit from this, and the cost you are paying is for production, shipping, etc. The purpose of making this P4P is to respect the author MXTX's wishes of people not making a profit from her works, as is mandated by the publisher, JJWXC. Please support MXTX on JJWXC and through official novel releases if you can, and support the manhua and donghua on Bilibili!

In regards to this sticker being P4P, it should NOT be resold for profit / more than it's bought for. Please do not purchase these with the intent to resell.

Regarding International Orders:
If you are located outside of the US, please check the link in my FAQ for the list of currently suspended shipping countries! I will have to hold your order if you're located in one of these countries until the status changes. Most countries should be available now. All international orders are undervalued and sent as gifts.

Regarding EU/UK Orders:
I do not cover VAT or other customs/taxes that the EU/UK have implemented. Please be aware of this and be prepared to pay any fees. All international orders are undervalued and sent as gifts.

Last note: Please do NOT order in-stocks with preorders!