TGCF Hualian Pin/Charm Banner

$15.50 - $18.00
Coming soon

- designed by me whoo~ (´。• ᵕ •。`)
- dimensions: 21 x 13 inches / ~53 x 33 cm
- canvas material
- wooden dowel rod + red string
- one-sided design, back is plain black
- silver metallic embroidery for 花怜 (Hualian) and umbrella shaft
- includes 15 mm wide white ribbon (you can arrange and substitute it as you like)

Please note that the provided picture is a sample, and the final product may slightly differ in appearance. The charms and pins in the second photo are not included, and they are used to display an example use of the banner.

As the embroidery is manually processed, there may be a slight misalignment, causing the umbrella shaft to look off-center. Banners that have more obviously off-center embroidery have been categorized as B/B-Grade; however, Regular Grade may still vary in alignment. As this categorization is subjective, please be aware of this variation if you purchase this item!

Regular Grade - may have minor misalignment
B/B- Grade - may have more obvious misalignment

It is recommended to hang charms on the ribbon rather than the banner cut-out loops, as the cut-outs are not reinforced with stitching. Repeated wear on the cut-out loops may cause the material to fray and break.