MDZS P4P Wangxian Bunbuns Pin

Coming soon

- original art by @ninzephyr
- pinned by me whoo~ (´。• ᵕ •。`)
- 6.5 cm across / approx. 2.5+ inches across
- hard enamel
- gold plating
- chain + 2 heart gems
- stained glass
- screenprint
Please note that the provided picture is a mock up, and the final product may slightly differ in appearance due to physical limitations. I am producing a sample to ensure the stained glass, chains, gems, etc. are satisfactory.

The cost for this pin is P4P (pay for production)! This means that I do not make any profit from this pin, and the cost you are paying is for production, shipping, etc. The purpose of making this pin set P4P is to respect the author MXTX's wishes of people not making a profit from her works, as is mandated by the publisher, JJWXC. Please support MXTX on JJWXC and through official novel releases if you can, and support the manhua and donghua on Bilibili!

In regards to these pins being P4P, they should NOT be resold for profit / more than they are bought for. Please do not purchase these with the intent to resell.

As these are P4P, I grade loosely and on a gradient. Better quality pins are typically prioritized on a first-come-first-serve basis. More info on my quality check process here:

Last note: Please do NOT order in-stocks with preorders! If you order pins that have different production times, you may be shifted downwards in pin quality priority since I prioritize shipping out preorders ASAP.